There are three things that are important to know about BC Building Contractors, namely trust, honesty and excellence. Together these three values form the foundation on which everything at BC Building Contractors is built. Being in the construction industry, everyone at BC Building Contractors is aware of the necessity and the long-term impact of a firm, solid foundation that can withstand whatever nature, and life, throws at you.

Three decades ago, the groundwork was laid for what was to become a leading national construction company. From those early days in the Free State to its country-wide footprint today, current owners Boys and Willie Otto continue to shape BC Building Contractors around the core values of trust, honesty and excellence. BC Building Contractors provides comprehensive construction services to large-scale projects such as schools, hospitals, clinics, office parks and shopping malls.

Precision is probably the most crucial aspect of the construction industry. At BC Building Contractors, precision is key from the planning phase through to final delivery of a project. As a result of a precise and measured approach to every single step of a project, BC Building Contractors can lay claim to a unique honour in the construction industry, namely timely delivery without penalties. To maintain such a sterling record requires dedication and a lot of very hard work. Everyone involved with BC Building Contractors, from the owners through to sub-contractors and temporary staff, has to buy into this philosophy of knowing excellence.

To know excellence requires experience. Only once you’ve learned the ropes and the tricks of the trade will you be able to recognise real quality. At BC Building Contractors, knowing excellence is a badge earned through years of experience and hands-on involvement on a range of different construction sites throughout the country. But knowing excellence also extends to BC Building Contractors’ clients: In choosing BC Building Contractors as preferred construction service provider, clients demonstrate their ability to recognise quality, or to know excellence.


Through building strong relationships with clients over many years, BC Building Contractors has also learned to recognise excellence in, and the value of, loyalty and integrity. Knowing excellence means being able to identify it in others as well.

In the end, it comes down to the three basic values of truth, honesty and excellence. Of knowing what you have to do and knowing how to do that really well. That is knowing excellence. And that is BC Building Contractors.


BC Building Contractors provides high-quality, comprehensive construction and building services to developers across the country. Services include interior and exterior construction work on schools, hospitals, clinics, office parks, shopping malls and other large-scale developments.

 Social Responsibility and
 Community Involvement

Building is the primary activity at BC Building Contractors. Apart from the building that takes place at construction sites, BC Building Contractors is also focused on building people, building communities and contributing towards building a better country. BC Building Contractors invests in local labour at all projects, providing training and skills-building that help to empower communities. Not only is it an investment to deliver a project that was completed with precision and excellence, but it also creates a sense of pride knowing that another high-quality school or hospital will contribute towards uplifting the local community. BC Building Contractors is committed to being involved in making a difference and contributing towards a prosperous South Africa. Knowing excellence means BC Building Contractors is also able to know that excellence will go a long way in making our immediate environment better for everyone. Inspiring the values of trust, honesty and excellence in everyone involved with or touched by BC Building Contractors is part of laying down a firm foundation.