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We offer a full range of construction services from costing to comprehensive management of a construction project. This ensures that a client has piece of mind and deals with only one responsible party. Our Directors have a very hands-on approach in their role as top management and visit sites daily.

Commercial buildings

Providing spaces for businesses to operate, contributing to economic growth. Furthermore, they create employment opportunities, generate revenue through rent or sales, and stimulate economic activity in the surrounding areas.

In house Quantity surveyor

The quantity surveyor acts as the financial and development consultant to the construction and property development industries, advising clients on the optimal use of funds as well as strategies to maximise human and physical resources.

In house plumbing

BC Building ensures our clients get the best of what the industry has to offer. Experienced, certified Plumbers and Electricians on our team.

Retail Buildings and Alterations

BC Building believes Customer Experience is Paramount. With 35+ years experience, we are the company to trust.


Whatever support you need, both on and off-site, the BC Building team has the necessary knowledge and experience.

Civil works

BC Building performs all aspects of civil works, which include road building, sewerage, stormwater, concrete works and earthworks.

We do Shopping Malls Supermarkets Convention Centres Function Venues Industrial Warehouses Student Buildings Hotels Apartment Buildings Luxury Home or Estates Churches Special-Purpose Buildings Residential Houses Golf Estates

Specialist in construction of hospital and medical services buildings

Over the past thirty-five years, through trial and error we have become specialist in the construction of hospitals and have a keen insight into the process required as well as the programming that is especially crucial in the construction of a hospital.
This enables us to liaise very efficiently with the consulting team and to offer valuable insights that have been gained through experience. We hold a solid track record when it comes to the construction of medical institutions.

Specialist in retail developments

We specialise in large retail developments and alterations and understand the importance of tenants trading and receiving BO at a set date. Over the years we have become a preferred contractor when it comes to high passed and fast track retail projects and have identified the challenges that accompany such projects. This experience allows us to liaise with the consulting team and provide valuable insight.

We do it all